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Preparation for a major competition takes planning, dedicationand hard work.  Often the weeks leading up to the event can be filled with emotion and stress.  Here is a guide to help you stay on track and be as prepared as possible for this fun and important part of  your Irish […]

Countdown to a Major

We all wish there was a magic formula to guarantee success at qualifiers, but alas, on the day we work hard for all season, many defining moments are left up to the fray of mere minutes on stage.  With the US Regional Oireachtasai right around the corner for most dancers, […]

5 Ways to Step Up Your Competitive Game

  Irish dancers are pretty notorious for having hard workouts, asking nearly impossible things from their bodies, and being prone to injury. The difficulty of this dance form means we should be taking extra care to warm up and cool down properly and take care of our muscles so they […]

5 Stretches Every Irish Dancer Needs to Know